Complete Results by Session as posted by Allegheny Mountain Swimming

Change in Finals Start Times

Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) has advised PVS that the start time for finals will now be 7PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It will remain at 6PM on Saturday. Wednesday to Friday's final sessions are still expected to be completed by 9:15PM

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Open Water Meet Moved -- Entry Deadline Extended


Potomac Valley Swimming will be represented with an ALL-STAR Team at the Eastern Zone Long Course Championship Meet. This year the meet will be held at Joe C. Trees Pool, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, August 11-12-13-14, 1999.

This is a great chance for PVS swimmers to compete against the best in the East and get to know and develop friendships with other Potomac Valley Clubs.

All PVS swimmers are encouraged to apply for team membership. All qualified swimmers in each event will be selected for the team. Each swimmer may enter a total of six events.

Coaches are being named for the team. Negotiations are under way to select a team uniform package, cap, T-shirt and suit. Additional zone team attire will be available for purchase. More information on this will follow on a later date.

Any PVS swimmer who want to be considered for selection to the PVS Zone ALL-STAR Team must submit their entry through their PVS team. The meet announcement will contain all meet details, including qualifying times and eligibility rules. Swimmers shall compete at the age attained on the first day of the meet, which is August 11, 1999.

Entry times must be in Long Course Meters and must have been achieved in a PVS/USA sanctioned or approved meet. Indicate the date and meet for verification of entry time. Swimmers are required to provide official results for entry times achieved in non-PVS meets.

The team fee for each swimmer is $70.00. Entries must be submitted by clubs via standard PVS entry procedures.

Swimmers and parents must make their own hotel arrangements. Cost of lodging, transportation, and food are the swimmer's/parents responsibility.

Zone Team entries and fees must be received on or before 5 p.m. Tuesday July 27, 1999. Send or deliver entries to:

Linda Crudup Phone # 301-249-1803
13107 Keverton Drive Fax # 301-390-1056
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Selection to the PVS Zone All- Star Team is a significant accomplishment and honor which carries responsibilities. It's a great experience and a chance to SWIM YOUR VERY BEST!

Additional Information
1999 Eastern Zone Long Course Championship
University of Pittsburgh (Tres Pool)
August 11-14, 1999
(information compliments of Allegheny Mountain Swimming)

Eastern Zone Open Water Championships
Racoon Creek State Park
Moraine State Park
August 15, 1999

Note: Revised information has been posted pertaining to an Open Water Championship on Sunday morning, August 15 at Racoon Creek Moraine State Park -- 50 minutes north of Pittsburgh. Information has been posted at the Allegheny Mounting Swimming site.

Applications will be accpeted at the meet site thru Thursday August 12. Any PVS swimmers wishing to enter this competition should plan to do so on their own. PVS will not be submitting a team entry nor providing coaches on site. `