January 24 & 25, 1998


Sanction # PV-17-98

MEET MANAGERS: Bruce & Kathe Shriver
(703) 360-0614
MEET LOCATION: Lee District Park Pool
6601 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA
(703) 922-9840
SCHEDULE: Session I Saturday, January 24 Warm-up 2:00 PM First Heat 3:10 PM
Session II Sunday, January 25 Warm-up 12:00 Noon First Heat 1:10 PM
ELIGIBILITY: Open to all Potomac Valley athletes and invited United States Swimming Athletes.

Contestants must have equaled or bettered the applicable qualifying times listed.

A contestant may enter a maximum of six (6) individual events and no more than three (3) individual events per session.

RULES: Current United States Swimming rules shall govern the meet.

PVS Positive Check-in Policy

All events require positive check-in. Athletes (or coaches for relay events) shall designate their intention to swim the event on the forms provided at the scratch table.

Athletes who have not checked-in prior to the specified time will be scratched from the event.

Athletes who have checked-in, have been seeded, and fail to swim the event will be barred from their next scheduled individual event, unless excused by the Referee.


All events are timed finals.

All events will be deck seeded and require positive check-in.

The 1500 Freestyle will be swum fastest to slowest, alternating female and male heats.

There will be a 10 minute warm-up prior to the 1500 Freestyle (if time permits).

Deck entries ($10.00) will be accepted on the availability of lane space.

WARM-UP: The prescribed Potomac Valley Swimming warm-up procedures and safety policies will be followed. The Meet Manager has the right to assign warm-up periods to ensure a safe environment. Coaches will be notified if such a situation occurs.
SUPERVISION: Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their Swimmers and Families and for cleaning up their team areas.

* Parents not working the meet as a deck official, volunteer lane timer, or other meet position are not permitted on deck. Only athletes, USS certified coaches, and deck officials permitted on the pool deck. Coaches and deck officials are required to display their 1998 USS card.

WARNING: Any Club or individual that enters an unregistered athlete, falsifies an entry in any way, or permits an unregistered coach to represent them, will be fined the sum of $100.00 and no further entries will be accepted from that club until the said fine has been paid.
OFFICIALS: Certified officials who have not been contacted, should volunteer their services to the Meet Referee. Officials are to arrive on time for listed warm-up periods and sign-in at the Officials Table.
TIMERS: Participating Clubs are required to provide timers throughout the meet in proportion to their entries. The Meet Manager will determine the number of timers per club and lane assignments. The Host Club is required to provide one timer per lane.
ADMISSION: There is no admission charge. The meet program will be available for $3.00, and will include all three sessions. PVS members who present their current Family Membership card are entitled to purchase one program for $1.50.
FEES: Fees for Individual Events are $3.00. A $1.00 surcharge per swimmer will be charged to all not-PVS athletes. Each club is requested to remit one check to cover the entry fees for the entire club. Make checks payable to CUBU. Please do not send cash. ALL ENTRY FEES ARE DUE ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MEET.
REMINDER: Effective January 1, 1998, any team that enters more than 10 swimmers and does not use Hy-Tek, will incur a surcharge of $1.00 per swimmer.

Session I
Female NST times   Male NST times
meters yards event# f/m yards meters
5:12.89 5:49.89 400 fr 1/2 5:25.29 4:53.29
1:28.89 1:17.69 100 br 3/4 1:09.89 1:20.59
2:47.59 2:26.89200 bk 5/6 2:14.89 2:34.89
1:16.19 1:07.59 100 fly 7/8 1:00.79 1:09.09
1:10.09 1:01.69 100 fr 9/10 55.39 1:04.09
2:48.09 2:30.09 200 IM 11/12 2:16.39 2:37.19
Session II
Female NST times   Male NST times
meters yards event# f/m yards meters
6:00.19 5:14.89 400 IM 13/14 4:51.29 5:31.69
1:18.69 1:08.69 100 bk 15/16 1:02.391:11.99
3:10.49 2:46.99 200 br 17/18 2:31.09 2:54.39
2:29.39 2:12.49 200 fr 19/20 2:00.79 2:19.19
2:44.69 2:27.29 200 fly 21/22 2:14.59 2:32.69
20:28.49 19:58.89 1500 fr 23/24 18:47.99 19:22.99


All entries require a completed “cover sheet.”

Coaches are encouraged to enter via computer disk (Hy-Tek). Include on meet entry report by swimmer and one report by event (created in Team Manager, no Commlink generated reports). Disk entries are “as is.” The Meet Manager will not make any changes to disk entries. DO NOT include a list of corrections. Send two 3.5 inch disks. Include a stamped, addressed mailer for disk return following the meet.

Entries may be submitted on a PVS master entry sheet. Fill-out the entry form in a legible manner. Un-readable entries, entries not submitted on the required forms, not complete, failing to list a phone number of a club official, or lacking a signature will not be accepted. Necessary forms are available from the Potomac Valley Swimming Office.

- The Meet Manager will not accept phone or fax entries.

- If using a mail service (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) sign the waiver allowing for the service to leave your entries without requiring a signature.

ENTRY TIMES: Short course entry times must be designated with a capital letter “Y”. These non-conforming times will be seeded after long course entry times. Disk entries will require a separate Commlink file for short course entry times and appropriate reports.
ENTRY DUE DATE: The Meet Manager must receive all entries for this meet no later than
6:00 PM Tuesday, January 20, 1998
2 North Pendleton Court
Frederick, MD 21703