Meet Results

PVS Short Course Championships

A Note from the Meet Host
Monday, March 16 2009


We wanted to thank everyone for their assistance, cooperation and patience this weekend at the PVS Senior Championship Meet. Putting on a meet of this size is a decent challenge under the best of circumstances, and when an unforeseen situation comes up as it did this weekend, the challenge escalates.

The Curl-Burke Swim Club was granted the privileged of hosting the meet for Potomac Valley, however many volunteers come together to make it happen. On Sunday morning, when it was apparent that we could not continue the session, people did not just give up. Instead, the attitude was "how do we find a way for the athletes to get their swims in, to qualify for where they wanted to go next, or just achieve the goal time they had set out for." Out came the cell phones, blackberries, etc., and within a half hour we had several alternate venues to choose from, and more than enough offers to transport equipment, supplies, food, water, et al to put the meet on somewhere else.

Thanks are owed to George Mason University and their staff for scrambling on Saturday evening when the facilities issue first began to manifest itself. Their staff stayed very late along with commercial contractors to do their best to allow the event to continue on Sunday. Unfortunately, the problem was not fully cleared, and we were forced to take action as necessary.

Thanks also to the PVS Officials, who showed up in full force at the Claude Moore Rec Center to assure that the meet was run in the excellent tradition of our LSC.

Thanks to the staff at Claude Moore Recreation Center for taking us on at literally a moments notice. They were as helpful as could be, and the swimming conditions proved to be excellent, as fast times and cuts were achieved for higher level meets.

Thanks to SNOW head coach Mike Pliuskaitis for making the initial contact with Claude Moore Rec director Dan Peters and verifying that we would have a place to go to finish our meet.

Again - none of this would have been possible without the help of countless volunteers who gave time, effort, and all other manner of contribution to make the meet possible.

The Curl Burke Meet Management Team