PVS February Distance Meet
at Fairland Aquatics Center
February 15-16, 2009


Psych Sheet


Meet Announcement



Seeding Procedures:

  Swimmers will be seeded (permitted to swim) based on the order shown on the attached psych sheets for each event.

  In order to follow the guidance regarding qualifying times and seeding found in this year's meet announcement, the following general procedures were followed:

Swimmers with a provable entry time in an event were seeded prior to swimmers entered with at time from the next shorter distance (i.e., 500 for the 1000 and 1000 for the 1650).

Waivers were granted to some swimmers This determined their right to enter an event. However, those swimmers with waivers were seeded after the above two categories based on their best provable time for the longest freestyle distance they had swum. Longer distances were seeded before shorter distances.

LCM times were seeded as non-conforming times for the appropriate equivalent distance and seeded ahead of swimmers who entered with shorter conforming distance entry times.

Entry times shown on the psych sheets were generally adjusted for those swimmers granted waivers and was done in order to permit them to be seeded consistent with the above.

Coaches who believe their swimmer may have been improperly seeded should contact Bill Marlin, PVS Distance Coordinator to request a review of how their swimmer was seeded. If swimmers could have entered based on an intermediate time, please provide specific information including the meet, date and event. Please submit no later than 5PM Thursday, February 12.

Parents or swimmers with concerns should contact their coach or team meet entry coordinator as the Meet Directors will only respond to inquires received from coaches or team meet entry coordinators.



         On Sunday, it is expected that a maximum of 10 heats of the 1000Y Free and 6 heats of the 1650Y Free will need to be swum. All heats of the 1000 will be swum before the heats of the 1650.

         Based on historical scratch rates for this meet, we anticipate losing one heat of women's 1000 free and one heat of men's 1000 free for a total of 7 heats.

         The first heat of 1650 swimmers on Sunday should be ready to swim as early as 8:45am.

         All swimmers in the 1650 on Sunday are requested to report no later than 7:45am.

         Additional water will be available for continuous warm-up and warm-down.


         On Monday, 12 swimmers are entered. If there are five scratches, the the Women's and Men's 1650 will be combined and swum as one heat starting at 12:40pm -- Warm-up and warm-down will be in the competition course.

         All swimmers are requested to report by 12:15pm at which time it will be determined if one or two heats will be required.



Sunday February 15, 2009


Women's 1000

Men's 1000

Heat 1



Heat 2



Heat 3



Heat 4



Heat 5







Unless Heat 4 of Men's and Heat 5 of Women's 1000 is needed, the 1650 will start at approx 9:40


Women's 1650

Men's 1650

Heat 1



Heat 2



Heat 3



Heat 4


11:34 (if needed)



Monday February 16, 2009




Heat 1
(women and men may be combined)


1:00 (if needed)


General Instructions

o        Swimmers should report to Clerk of Course promptly upon arrival.

o        Lane assignments for each heat will be determined approximately 15 minutes prior to the time the heat starts.

o        All swimmers will be provided with a lane timing card showing their heat and lane assignment when they have been seeded into a heat.

o        Once a heat has been seeded, meet management is not required to reseed it.

o        Swimmers are strongly encouraged to report early and will be permitted to swim in an earlier heat if a lane is available.

o        The slowest heats of women and men may/will be combined to produce full heats.