Tom Dolan Meet Update

Important Notes:

        Absolutely no swimmers are allowed on deck before the 7:30am warm up time.† The GMU varsity team is in the water until 7:30am, and due to NCAA contact rules, no other swimmers are allowed on deck.

        As in previous years, it is important to note that no food is allowed on deck.† Your bag may be inspected before you come on the deck, and any food will need to be removed before you are allowed on to the deck.† Based on a recent poll of PVS Swimmers, GMU is the highest rated pool among the swimmers here, so letís retain our swimming privileges by following this rule.

Due to the length of several of the sessions, following are some items to note:

        On Thursday night, the girls 12 & Under 200 Backstroke will be swum on the boys course following the boys 12 & Under 200 back event.† Estimated starting time for the girls is 8:30pm on Thursday.† This is just an estimate, and may change according to the positive check-ins for the boys 1000 freestyle.† Finish time for both courses is estimated at 9:00pm.

        On Sunday Morning, the slowest heats of the boys 1650 will be swum on the girlís course.† The heats are TBD, based on any scratches at the close of the positive check in for these events.† REMINDER that the positive check in for these events closes at 6:45 pm SATURDAY EVENING.† In the past, there have been swimmers that we have been flexible with on this rule.† Due to the tight timelines on Sunday, this rule will be rigidly enforced this year.

        IMPORTANT TIME CHANGE NOTE:†† Sunday 12 & Under Prelims & 10 & Under timed finals will begin warm up at 1:30pm, events beginning at 2:30pm.†