The Curl-Burke Swim Club is requesting volunteer assistance from all PVS clubs for the Eastern Zone Sectional Meet.  Especially needed are volunteers for hospitality and meet operations. 

A sign up is available on the CUBU website (link) where volunteers may select a session and a volunteer position. The benefits include free admission, food and drinks, and the ability to view the meet up close.


Volunteer Incentive

  2008 Eastern Zone South Region Sectionals at College Park, University of Maryland
Courtesy of Aardvark Swim & Sport
A Speedo Preferred Dealer and our Team Dealer 

Aardvark Swim and Sport is providing a LZR for a raffle during the 2008 Sectionals at College Park.  Every time you volunteer/work a full session at the meet you will receive a raffle ticket.

The more you volunteer the more raffle tickets you will receive to go into the drawing.  At the end of the final sessions on Sunday, March 16th a raffle ticket will be drawn. 

(*Volunteer need not be present to win) but if you are .you have worked another session and increased your odds of winning!  So come on sign up now!!! 

(1) one female or (1) one male LZR suit will be given away! 

The choices:
LZR female recordbreaker Kneeskin                      $425.00 retail value
LZR female Racer Hi-Neck Bodyskin                      $550.00  retail value
LZR female Racer recordbreaker Bodyskin           $475.00 retail value

LZR male Racer Jammer                                          $290.00 retail value
LZR male Racer Hi-Neck Bodyskin                         $550.00 retail value
LZR male Racer legskin                                            $350.00 retail value 

Suit will not be available until late June. 

Sign up now on the CUBU website (link)!