PVS Age Group Coach of the Year

Selection Criteria

The selection of the PVS Age Group Coach of the Year will be based on coaches achievements from the start of the current LCM season (the day after SC Eastern Zone Championship Meet) through the last day of the following year’s Eastern Zone Championship Meet (Example: April 3, 2005 – April 1, 2006) for swimmers age 14 & Under.

The PVS Age Group Coach of the Year award will be awarded to the one coach (who has filled out the nomination form) that has, in the eyes of the selection committee, achieved the most as an age-group coach during the just completed LCM and SCY seasons.

The PVS Age Group Coach of the Year will have his/her expenses paid to attend the ASCA Convention. The award will be presented at the convention.. This year's ASCA Convention will be held in Washington, DC -- September 6-10, 2006.

The coach must be the primary coach of a swimmer (s) age 14 or younger. Primary coach means that the swimmer(s) must train a majority of time with that coach. The coach must also train the swimmer(s) a minimum of 9 months during the defined season and be responsible for developing the training plan. If the swimmer ages up to the senior age group mid-season, the only accomplishments considered will be while that swimmer was in the 13-14 age group provided that they trained with that coach for at least 9 months prior to aging up. The same will hold true for swimmers aging up to the 11-12 age group and the 13-14 age group.

Nomination forms will be due May 31st. Nomination forms will be reviewed by the PVS Selection Committee before their July meeting and the winning coach shall be informed soon after. Results will be reported to the PVS BOD in a timely manner. Results will also be posted to the PVS web site under the "Coaches" section.


Under the Performance Section:
Please list each PVS or USAS Championship meet you attended with swimmers in your training group. Indicate how many swimmers from your training group qualified for the meet, how many swims finished in the top 3, top 4-8 and top 9-16. This indicates your overall group performance and all around coaching.

Under the Special Achievements Section:
1. Please list any PVS Resident or PVS Open records broken or any USAS National Age Group records broken by swimmers in your training group. Write in the swimmers name, event and indicate the type of record for each record broken.

2. Please list the number of swims from your training group that were USAS top 16 recordable swims. Relays count as one swim. Write in the swimmers name and event for each top 16 recordable swim. Please include the current place if available.

3. Please list any swimmers who won the high point award for any PVS or USAS Championship meet. (Club meets do not count). Please write in the swimmers name(s) who won the award and the age group.

4. Please list any swimmer from your training group that received the PVS Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award. Please write in the swimmer’s name who won the award.

5. Please List all swimmers from your training group that qualified for the PVS SC & LC Zone teams. Please write in all the swimmers name’s who qualified. Also indicate what meet by writing SCY or LCM next to their name.

6. Fax or mail the form to PVS by May 31, 2006.

7. Please direct specific questions to Dan Jacobs at djacobsii@comcast.net.