2007 PVS LC Junior Championships
July 12-15, 2007
University of Maryland
Psych Sheets and Preliminary Timelines

On July 7, 2007, the Meet Announcement has been amended to indicate the following:

  • Announce that Dive-Over Starts will be used.

  • Announce estimated warm-up and start times for Thursday's session

  • Announce modified warm-up and start times for Friday and Sunday sessions

  • Announce that all events will be Positive Check-in.  Positive check-in for ALL events at Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions ends 30 minutes following the start of warm-ups.

Link to Meet Announcement


  • The psych sheets are being re-posted to show times entered in Yards (indicated by "Y").

    The Meet Announcement clearly states that "All entry times must be actually achieved LCM times that were swum after July 3, 2005".  All yard time entries are being returned to the appropriate clubs.
  • Coaches and team meet entry coordinators are asked to complete their review by 5PM Monday July 9.

  • Inquiries should be directed to the Meet Entry Coordinator, Kit Mathews kmathews@cubu.org or at 301-524-4775

  • Parents or swimmers with concerns should contact their coach or team meet entry coordinator as the Meet Director will only respond to inquires received from coaches or team meet entry coordinators.

  • Note that swimmers competing in distance events being swum on Thursday and Sunday are responsible for providing their own timer -- only exception are swimmers competing Sunday night in finals.

  • Entry times are still under review to assure they satisfy meet entry requirements.

Psych Sheets

Women's Events Updated 6:00PM, 7/5/07
Men's Events Updated 6:00PM, 7/5/07

Expected Session Timelines

All Sessions (NOW posted)

Link to Meet Announcement