Application to Officiate

Application to Officiate
Potomac Valley Long Course Senior Championships
University of Maryland
July 12-15, 2007

You may use this form to apply to officiate the Potomac Valley Long Course Senior Championship meet. You may also email your request to the Meet Referee.

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Current Certifications and Level (check all that apply):

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Hy-Tek     Colorado

Sessions (check all that apply):

Thursday Distance Friday Prelims Friday Finals
Saturday Prelims Saturday Finals Sunday Prelims Sunday Finals

Comments (include specific assignment requests here):

You must apply no later than July 5th for specific deck positions. However, late applications to officiate at this meet and walk-ins are also welcome and will be assigned to available positions.


We have applied to have this meet designated as a "qualifying meet" under the new national officials' certification program. Any official interested in being evaluated must apply in advance. Send the "Request for Evaluation" form (PDF or DOC) to the Meet Referee. Details of the certification program can be found on the Certification Page of the USA swimming website.