VSC 10&U Invitational
Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial
March 4-5, 2006

All profits from the meet will be donated to the
Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund

Sanctioned by USA Swimming through Potomac Valley Swimming
Sanction #PVI-06-31

Meet Director Victor Abrahamian
Club Officials Chairman: Trish Portare
E-mail patricia.portare@fcps.edu
Location South Run Recreation Center
7550 Reservation Drive
Springfield, Va. 22153
Pool is 10 lane 25 yard course.,
Schedule Saturday & Sunday, March 4 & 5, 2006
Warm-up:       8&U at 12:15-12:40 PM       9 &10 at 12:40-1:05 PM      
Events:     1:15PM
Eligibility: Open to all registered United States Swimming athletes from invited teams. Swimmers should compete at the age attained on the first day of the meet.
Inclusion Policy for Swimmers with a Disability: PVS and host clubs along with their Meet Directors are committed to the Inclusion Policy as adopted by the BOD. Athletes with a disability are welcomed and are asked to provide advanced notice of desired accommodations to the Meet Director. The athlete ( or the athlete's coach) is also responsible for notifying the session referee of any disability prior to the competition.
Awards Medals 1st to 8th place Ribbons 9th through 16th
Participation Ribbon, and Heat Winner ribbon for individual.
Relays Ribbons 1st through 3rd place
Relay Events Positive check-in is required for all relays. Positive check -in will close at 12:40 PM All Relays are swum slowest to fastest. There is no limit on the number of relay entries per club.
Rules Current USA Swimming rules shall govern the meet. All events are timed finals. A swimmer may enter a maximum of 6 individual events during the entire meet and no more than 3 individual events per day. IMPORTANT NOTE: A swimmer may NOT enter in the same event twice.
Scoring Team and individual scores will not be maintained.
Warm up The prescribed Potomac Valley Swimming warm-up Procedures & safety policies will be followed. There will be an assigned warm-up lane(s) to each team.
Supervision Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their swimmers and their families, as well as maintaining clean & safe team areas. ONLY Athletes, USA Swimming certified Coaches & deck officials are permitted on the pool deck. Coaches & officials are requires to display their valid 2006 USA Swimming credentials. Parents not working the meet as a deck official, timer, or other meet position are not permitted on deck.
Admission There is no admission charge. Meet programs will be made available.

All certified officials wishing to volunteer to work this meet should contact Trish Portare by phone at 703-690-2488 or by e-mail at patricia.portare@fcps.edu no later than Tuesday February 21, 2006

Important Note: Each invited team is required to provide minimum of One Official in order for the entries to be accepted.

Penalties Any club or individual that enters an unregistered athlete, Falsifies an entry in any way, or permits an unregistered Swimmer to represent them, will be fined by PVS the sum $100.00 and no further entries will be accepted from that club until the said fine has been paid.
  1. Please e-mail your entries directly to Bob Hardy rhardy2170@aol.com
  2. Include in your commlink file one report by name and one by event. Create these reports in Team Manager and save as Word for windows files.
  3. The body of your e-mail provide entry numbers (girls, Boys totals). Include contact information (e-mail, phone officials contact).
  4. Meet Director is requested to acknowledge receipt by return e-mail within 24 hours. Clubs submitting entries that DO NOT receive an acknowledgement should contact Bob Hardy 703-331-2170 (after 6:00pm)
  5. Before preparing your entries, events for this meet can be downloaded and then imported into team manager. (31mm030406.zip) (NOW POSTED) unzip it and then go to team manager/file/import/meet events). To download as a file, you may need in Netscape to right click on the mouse and select "Save Link" and with Microsoft Explorer right click on the mouse and select "Save Target."
Fees Fees for individual events are $5:00      Relays $10.00
Each participating club is requested to remit one check to cover the entry fee for the entire team. Do not send cash.
Make checks payable to VSC and mail directly to: VSC
PO Box 22146
Alexandria, Va. 22304
Deck entry Deck entries may be permitted at the Meet Director's discretion.
Deck entries will close at 12:40 PM
Late/Deck Entry Fees: $10.00 per event. Fees are due at the time of registration.
Checks are payable to VSC.
DEADLINE All entries must be received no later than:
Friday February 17, 2006 by 5:00 PM

Important: The above date is the deadline for clubs to submit their entries to the Meet Director. Therefore, clubs usually set an earlier deadline to receive entries from their swimmers. Check with your club for this information.

VSC 10&U Invitational
Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial

March 4 & 5, 2006
at South Run Recreation Center

Warm-up:      8&U      12:15 - 12:40 PM
9&10       12:40 - 1:05 PM
Events 1:15 PM

Saturday March 4, 2006
Girls Event # Events Boys Event #
1 8&U 200 Free Relay 2
3 9&10 200 Free Relay 4
5 6&U 25 Breast 6
7 7&8 25 Breast 8
9 8&U 50 Breast 10
11 9-10 100 Breast 12
13 6&U 25 Back 14
15 7&8 25 Back 16
17 8&U 100 Back 18
19 9-10 50 Back 20
21 6&U 25 Fly 22
23 7&8 25 Fly 24
25 8&U 50 Fly 26
27 9&10 100 Fly 28
29 6&U 25 Free 30
31 7&8 25 Free 32
33 8&U 100 Free 34
35 9-10 50 Free 36
37 8&U 100 IM 38
39 9-10 200 IM 40

Sunday March 5, 2006
Girls Event # Events Boys Event #
41 8&U 200 Medley Relay 42
43 9-10 200 Medley Relay 44
45 6&U 25 Free 46
47 7&8 25 Free 48
49 8&U 50 Free 50
51 9-10 100 Free 52
53 6&U 25 Breast 54
55 7&8 25 Breast 56
57 8&U 100 Breast 58
59 9-10 50 Breast 60
61 9-10 100 IM 62
63 6&U 25 Back 64
65 7&8 25 Back 66
67 8&U 50 Back 68
69 9-10 100 Back 70
71 6&U 25 Fly 72
73 7&8 25 Fly 74
75 8&U 100 Fly 76
77 9-10 50 Fly 78
79 9-10 200 Free 80