PVS 2006 January Distance Meet
Lee District Park
January 7-8, 2006
Sanction #PVS-06-19

Meet Results for Timed Finals-Yards

Important Note

For now all splits have been removed from the posting here as well as the Meet Manager Backup and Commlink file. We're not sure where the problem lies, but we expect to eventually make available most of the splits. Splits in the 1000s for lanes 4 and 5 are entirely missing and cannot be re-constructed. We expect to get most of the rest back. In the meantime if you need a specific split (i.e. the 1000 yard time in the 1650) contact Jim Garner and I will see if the splits are useable.

Update 1/20/2006

The splits are now posted.  For the 1000s, the splits in lanes 4 & 5 are probably not correct, but may be in some cases.  Carefully look them over before using.  Any swimmer's splits from lane 4 or 5 are colored red.  What was happening was any touch in lane 4 would set off the pad in lane 5, and any touch in lane 5 would set off the pad in lane 4.  So the times that show up for the splits could have come from either lane, depending on where the two swimmers were relative to each other.

 If one of these two swimmers always lead the other by less than 15 seconds, then the splits for that swimmer are accurate, any other combination they are not.

Also posted are the swimmers who swam the 1000 in lane 4 or lane 5 alphabetically.  The number - number in front of the name is the heat - lane.

The format of the split files are different from what you normally see, after the line with the swimmers name and time are the splits, next line is subtracted splits, then another line of splits, etc.  The Meet Manager Backup file does not have any splits, the Commlink file will be updated for only valid splits (nothing for lanes 4 & 5 in the 1000s).

Lane 4 and Lane 5 Swimmers

Womens 1000 with splits
Mens 1000 with splits
Womens 1650 with splits

Mens 1650 with splits

Womens 1000
Womens 1650

Mens 1000
Mens 1650

Meet Manager for Windows Backup File

Commlink File