PVS Long Course Senior and Age Group I Open Meet
June 12, 2005
Lee District Pool and Fairland Aquatic Center
Hosted by MAKO Swim Club and Curl-Burke

  • CUBU's Tyson Corner practice site is now swimming at Lee District Pool.

  • 12 and Under Sessions warm-ups are still scheduled to start at 11:30am
  • It is antiicpated that the large number of positive check-in events in the 13 and Over sessions will permit the afternoon sessions to start approximately on time.
  • If necessary, warm-ups will start as soon after 11:30am as possible and continue for the scheduled 50 minutes. Compeition will start as soon thereafter as possible (less than a 10 minute break may be taken.)

  • Currently the meet announcement calls for all events 200M and longer to be checked in. If the Meet Directors determine they wish to check-in addtional events, that decision will be posted here.
  • No deck entries will be accepted any events for which there is positive check-in.
  • No deck entries will be accepted for preseeded events if doing so will require creating an additional heat.

  • Psych Sheets and
    Estimated Timelines
    Psych Sheets by Session

    Lee DistrictFairland
    13/O Session -- AM13/O Session -- AM
    12/U Session -- PM 12/U Session -- PM

    Timelines by Session

    Lee DistrictFairland
    Due to positive Check-in, events are likely to be swum earlier than the times shown.
    13/O Session -- AM13/O Session -- AM
    12/U Session -- PM 12/U Session -- PM

    Link to Meet Announcement