Rescheduling of PVS November Open

FAST Qualfier

The FAST Qualifier originally scheduled to be held at Fairland on November 27-28 will continue to be held in another part of the pool.

Start Times Announced

Posted 9:40am 11/22/04

At Fairland (MSSC site), the start times will remain as in the original meet annoucement.
9-12 Warm-ups will be 700am both days -- first event 8:10am

13/Over Warm-ups will be 12 Noon both days -- first event 1:10pm

At Wakefield Park (MACH site), the start times are being REVISED

9-12 Warm-ups will remain 700am both days -- first event 8:10 am

However start times for 13/Over sessions are changing.

Saturday warm-ups will start at 10:40am First event 11:50 am

Sunday warm-ups will start at 11:00 am First event 12:10pm

Posted: 2:30pm 11/21/04

As was posted late Friday November 19th, Session 1 (Friday evening) was rescheduled for Saturday November 20th at Fairland for both the MACH and MSSC courses.

Link to rescheduled Session 1 results

We have now been able to reschedule the remaining sessions of the November Open.

Those teams assigned to swim on the MSSC course at PGS&LC will now swim at Fairland on Saturday November 27 and Sunday November 28.

Those teams assigned to swim on the MACH course at PGS&LC will now swim at Wakefield Park on Saturday November 27 and Sunday November 28.

Exact start times may need to be revised somewhat from what was previously scheduled. We expect to able to announce this by Monday, November 22. We will continue to swim the 9-12 session and then the 13/Over session second on each day.

CUBU has agreed to extend the meet entry deadline for the Tom Dolan Invitational from Tuesday, November 23 to Tuesday, November 30.

Link to Meet Announcement

Link to Original Psych Sheets and Timeline

Previous Postings

11/19/04 at 8:25PM - The events to originally be swum Friday evening (Session 1) will now be swum for both the MSSC and MACH site at Fairland on Saturday November 20 on a combined basis in a 10-lane course. Warm-ups will start at 4PM and the session at 4:40PM

We are still trying to make arrangements to swim the remaining sessions. We hope to be able to do so next weekend on Friday November 26, Saturday November 27, or Sunday, November 28. We let you know the specifics as soon as possible.

11/19/04 at 4:10PM - Due to a major accident in the pool, the pool at PGS&LC cannot be used. Therefore the November Open at PGS&LC for Friday evening is cancelled -- we are trying to determine if another facility can be used on Saturday or Sunday. It will take a few hours to make this determination. An additional message will follow when this is known.