PVS Long Course
Senior I Open Meet
June 8, 2003


The number of entries for PVS Senior I is significantly larger than both what was expected as well as the historical number for this meet. Accordingly, several adjustments have been made that reflect the size of the meet and pool rental arrangments. They are

  • Meet start time will be 15 minutes earlier. Warm-ups will be 6:15am to 7:05am. First event will be 7:15am
  • ALL events will now be positively checked-in. A new check-in schedule has been posted.
  • No deck (late) entries will be accepted.
  • CUBU (Burke) and CUBU (Reston) training sites entires will now swim at Lee District
  • The size of the meet and rental terms requires the meet progress in a timely manner. It is important that swimmers report in time for their heats.
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Estimated Timelines
  • Timelines are posted for general information only. Events are likely to start earlier than the times posted.
  • Actual timeline will be impacted by scratches resulting from positive check-in of all events.

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