Joe Jacoby Holiday Invitational
2002 Officiating Assignments
December 12-15, 2002
George Mason University

Linked to this page are the assignments of officials for the upcoming Joe Jacoby Holiday Invitational.

Please review these assignments carefully. If you need to make any additions or corrections, e-mail Art Davis who is the Administrative Referee and he will do his best to accommodate you.  If you are not assigned and would like to work the meet, you may report to the meet referee prior to warm-ups of the session you wish to work.  To qualify for national certification, you must work in preliminary and/or final sessions--middle session do not qualify for national certification. .

Please note that the dress (uniform) for the meet is "white on blue" with white sneakers--no sandals please. The wearing of shorts for prelims and middle sessions is fine. Long pants or skirts are preferred for finals. Leadership teams (referee, starter and chief judge) in the evening (finals) will were white collared shirts with patriotic ties or scarfs (and blue slacks or skirts, of course).

Thank you for volunteering and have a great meet.

Link to Assignments (pdf file) 2:00pm December 11

Link to Meet Announcement