Eastern Zone Age Group
Long Course All Star
Swimming Competition
Buffalo, NY
August 7-10, 2002

PVS Zone Entry Report

  • This list of PVS entries into Eastern Zone Age Group Long Course All Star Meet are being posted in order to allow the meet entries to be reviewed for accuracy prior to the official submission of PVS entries.

  • Coaches and team meet entry coordinators are asked to complete their review by
    8 PM Wednesday July 31.

  • Inquiries should be directed to the Zone Team Coordinator, Linda Crudup ThirlC@aol.com or at 301-249-1803.

  • Parents or swimmers with concerns should contact their coach or team meet entry coordinator as the Zone Team Coordinator will only respond to inquires received from coaches or team meet entry coordinators.

  • Swimmers already entered in the meet may still enter an event for which less than 2 entries have been received. If so, you must advise the Zone Team Coordinator by 8PM Wednesday. Include the entry and your qualifying time. If too many requests are received, the fastest seed time(s) will be selected.

Link to List of PVS Entries by Name July 31 -- 7:00AM
Link to List of PVS Entries by Event July 31 -- 7:00AM