March 8-11, 2001
7:10pm March 8

The PVS Short Course 14 & Under Junior Olympic Championships scheduled for March 8-11 at Oak Marr Recreation Center is expected to be very well attended -- particularly on Saturday and Sunday morning. Accordingly, we are advising those who plan to be in attendance (swimmers, coahes, parents, officials, etc) of the following:

  • Please carpool whenever possible.
  • Please do NOT park illegally. The facility is likely to arrange to have the cars ticketed/towed if they observe this happening.
  • The gravel parking lot and the lower parking lot near the golf course are also available. They are expected to meet our needs. Please follow the instructions of the Oak Marr staff who will be directing traffic. DO NOT even consider parking in the fire lanes.

  • Please try not to arrive earlier than necessary and please leave promptly when the swims in which you are competiting/watching are over. The expected timeline is posted to help you plan your arrival time. An event will not commence earlier than the posted time.

  • Food concessions by the host club will NOT be available. You may bring your own food. however, make sure you do NOT bring any glass bottle/containers into any part of the facility under any circumstances.

  • The coaches met Thursday evening prior to the distance events to further assess the situation. As a results of that meeting, the following decisions were made:
  • Warm-ups on Saturday and Sunday will NOT be split into an early and late warm-up. Teams will be assigned lanes for warm-ups and may split their individual warm-up if they choose to do so.
  • There will be NO mid-session warm-up scheduled during the 11-14 age group prelim sessions.
  • The pool will be permanently configured into a 8-lane championship course, with starts from the diving end of the pool. There will be a second 7-lane course beyond this that will be swum width wise. This will limit warm-up space to 3 2 lanes (plus the wading area) that will be available while competition is occuring during the 11-14 age group prelim sessions.

  • The 8 lane championship course will be used for all competition, except the 11-14 age group men's preliminary session.

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