PVS Eastern Zone Team Information
2001 Short Course Team

Required Confirmation of Zone Team Participation

The 12 & Under Zone team has been posted on the Web Page. Please review the athlete list. If your Athlete is in the top two, please confirm with them their intention to swim, which events, notify them of the team outfitting and registration meeting at Holton Arms on Tuesday 3/20, and contact Linda Crudup at either the number or e-mail address below with the confirmation that your athlete intends to swim. If your athlete for whatever reason is not participating in an event or in the meet at all you must also inform Linda Crudup immediately. Anyone failing to contact Linda prior to Tuesday, 3/20 or failing to make the meeting on that date will be dropped from the team and an alternate chosen.

The 13 & Over Potential Team will be posted on Monday 3/19. PLEASE Check the Web Page Monday night AND contact Linda Crudup immediately regarding whether your swimmer is participating on the team. The same information and conditions as above apply.

Linda Crudup
301 249-1803
Please speak slowly and clearly, indicate the athlete's name, team affiliation, and events.

Zone Team Meetings

PVS Zone Team Warm-up will be on Wednesday 3 / 28 / 01 is from 3PM TO 4PM at the Prince Georges Sports & Learning Complex. All PVS zone team member are to attend.

PVS zone team coaches will be on the deck at this time.

PVS outfitting pick=up will be on Tuesday March 20th 7PM to 9PM at Holton Arms Pool. All PVS zone team member are to pick up outfitting at this time. Contact Linda Crudup if you have a special need.

Directions to Holton Arms can be found on the PVS webpage under driving instructions.